Samantha Hahn Artist Together Bag at Thursday Friday

A couple of years ago, bag brand Thursday Friday was in hot water for coming up with a parody bag of the Hermes Birkin, which was done in canvas and was priced for much, much less. Hermes sued Thursday Friday and the court ordered the company to cease and desist producing their Birkin canvas bags.

Obviously not affected by what has happened, Thursday has moved on and have, in fact, branched out to do their own “designer” pieces. The brand has recently teamed up with Samantha Hahn for watercolor inspired canvas handbags, Thursday Friday’s signature pieces. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Described as a “whimsical art piece” this tote bag designed by Samantha Hahn is useful for trips at the gym, the grocery, or for mall hopping on weekends. It looks absolutely chic and goes with whatever you want to wear. The tote is sturdy and strong, with its inner lining, patch pockets and durable handles. Thursday Friday says that the older the bag gets, the better it looks, just like most jeans.

Height: 11.5″ / 29cm
Width: 13.75″ / 35cm
Depth: 7.5″ / 19cm
19″ / 48cm handle with
a 9.5″ / 24cm drop
Inner patch pocket
100% cotton canvas
100% cotton lining

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