Mambo Circles North/South Plastic Tote by Echo

It looks like plastic tote bags are here to stay. First introduced sometime in the early 2000′s, I thought this was gonna be just a trend that would see its end eventually. But lately, I see bags made of clear plastic come out every spring or summer. And the ones that come out now even have prettier designs.

Such is the case of this clear plastic tote from Echo. The bag itself is made of clear plastic, but it comes with a bag made from cotton canvas, so that even as it is “clear”, the items inside are not seen by the public. The inner bag also comes with bold and artistic stroke, which helps with the bag’s style and look. You can take out this inner bag too, if you want to stick with the plastic structure.

Perfect for the beach or any active or outdoor event, a handbag like this would be so easy to clean. Just simply dab the bag with a damp cloth and then that’s it.

You can purchase this from Shopbop.

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