Lichtenstein Beach Bag Kiss IV

Another day, another tote bag. We’ve been on the lookout for totes knowing plenty of you are going to be looking for these as well, what with summer already coming. Totes are perfect for the beach because they are open, lightweight and can carry a lot of stuff, even dirty towels with sand all over.

This tote is another cute find, featuring an interesting design featuring the work of artist Roy Lichtenstein, which was originally released in the 60′s. The handbag is made of cotton canvas, as most beach canvas bags are. But this one is constructed with sturdy stitching to be able to hold many items together.

The convenient thing about totes is that you can keep this inside your actual bag. Simply fold it well when not in use and have it inside your satchel, leather bags and other belongings all the time.

You can get this exclusively from Barneys.

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