Coolway Green Thais Clear Vinyl Shopper

Spend summer at work in the coolest style with this shopper in vinyl neon green!

I’ve seen plenty of vinyl or plastic bags in many seasons past. But these bags are mostly designed as totes or crossbody and shoulder bags. This particular piece from Coolway looks like a portfolio bag, which, I guess, will probably work even if you use it for your business documents. Never mind that it’s in bright green or a playful vinyl material. It’s summer! There’s an excuse to wear something cheery, right?

I wish this piece comes in other candy coloured shades though, because that would be even more awesome!

Coolway is a UK handbag brand that started out in 2003. Their forte is in creating laid-back fashion (bags, footwear and accessories) for men and women.

This bright green tote bag is available for sale at Newlook.

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