Ted Baker Crossbody Bag

There may be days when it’s better to opt for a crossbody or shoulder bag than to carry around a tote bag, especially when you need to make sure that your hands are free to carry other items, such as when you’re out shopping. This bag from Ted Baker not only lends functionality and convenience. It’s also really, really fashionable and colorful.

These bags are quite eye-catching too with its polished PVC exterior with quilting, and they come in various basic colors to match your wardrobe.

This is how it looks inside, with the amusing lining printed with images of what looks like a Boxer or a French Bulldog. It’s a cute touch, isn’t it?

Low on maintenance but high on functionality, convenience and style, this is a pretty nifty handbag to own.

You can get this from Nordstrom.

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