The Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc Gets Updated

The Cabas ChYc is a classic and a staple, if you’re into Yves Saint Laurent creations. The handbag looks very basic and can go with anything. It is a favorite for many Hollywood stars:

But with the company’s changes in its operations, changes and updates to its design are also expected. According to Purseblog, not only has it been renamed into the Saint Laurent Cabas Classique. It also gets a new look:

This black bag looks far from casual, compared to the original design. It looks very sturdy and ready for business. But the Cabas also have slight variations with the release of its more playful and colorful designs:

I like the varied options for this because it can only mean that younger women can also collect and invest in it, if they have the means to. A collector of these handbags can either choose a trendy version or go with the classic. What would you pick?

These pieces are up for sale at Net-A-Porter.

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