Sac de Jour Tote Saint Laurent

Does this style look familiar to you? It’s a Saint Laurent, formerly Yves Saint Laurent, piece and it’s called the Sac de Jour Tote. Baglovers everywhere, however, are saying that this handbag looks like a ripoff of another classic and popular handbag, the Hermes Birkin. Do you see the similarities?

Lots of other brands have copied the classic look of the Hermes Birkin, with its gusset, its belted front and the clochette with the lock and key all in proportionate to the boxy bag. A more recent creation from Celine, the luggage tote, comes to mind as something that closely resembles the Birkin.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing in this industry though? Clearly, this design is working for every brand and regardless of how many times the Birkin is being “ripped-off”, it doesn’t seem to affect sales and demand for that luxury piece.

Many will just be glad there are more affordable alternatives, I would think.

Do you like how this piece looks and do you think that it’s wrong it looks almost similar to the Birkin?

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