Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2013 Handbag Collection

Following yesterday’s bag post, I guess boxy and structured handbags are going to be the rage this coming fall. Look at what Victoria Beckham’s collection is like. They’re a lot similar to what Marc Jacobs presented at the recent New York Fashion Week for his Fall collection.

Victoria Beckham’s pieces, however, have it less simple with just solid colors. If there’s one thing I love about her creations is that they really look elegant and are very wearable or usable. I can imagine people, or rather women, actually carrying these handbags to work or events.

The only thing that concerns me is that these designs do not seem to have anything new to offer and it’s like I’ve seen all of these before from her collection. Maybe Beckham wants to stay on course and keep on doing what she does best (and that is come up with gorgeously simple handbags). But once in a while, I know we’d all love it if she comes up with a couple of surprises, right?

Anyway, these bags are part of her Fall 2013 set. Specific details for the handbags will be unveiled later.

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