Valentino’s Floral Lace Cutout Shoulder Bag

I love Valentino’s style because it’s usually the epitome of ladylike elegance. This floral lace cutout is one such example.

Presented with jewelry like hardware and a floral lace surface, coupled with leather trims and mesh lining (on the inside), this bag is all about the details. Its size is also just right — 9″H x 13″W x 4″D — not too big or small.

What I’m not a fan of is its accordion like structure and the divided interior with side gussets, as I think this makes the space smaller inside. I also think this would look great in other colors like red and turquoise. But overall, this lovely piece really speaks “woman” and would be a good addition to some lady’s bag collection.

You can get this Valentino Floral Lace Cutout shoulder bag from Neiman Marcus.

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