Prada Transparent Bags On Sale

I think I remember these handbags released just before spring season and I thought that while the handbag designs look definitely cute, I don’t think I’d be comfortable having all my stuff exposed for everyone to see.

These transparent handbags from Prada, however, comes with a pouch, if, like me, you don’t want what’s inside your bag to be seen just like that. But I think it defeats the purpose of it. And the extra pouch can be an inconvenience for some, especially if you’re the type who just wants to stuff it all and organize what’s inside later.

Still, I’ve got to say, this handbag really does up the ante. It’s decorated with crystals, which makes this ordinary looking PVC transparent beach bag of sorts, a bit more sophisticated. And Prada’s quality for well-crafted handbags is undoubtedly something the brand is proud of. The construction of this obviously seamless.

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