Mulberry Willow

The Mulberry Willow is the latest IT bag from the brand, following the Alexa, the Harriet and the Del Ray, which are all fast-selling and in demand. The Willow, which was presented last Fall, is now available at stores and the bag is pretty much like its predecessors —- spacious, gorgeous and luxurious. It’s also functional and sturdy.

The choices of colors for the Willow fall on the basic and neutral and the material is made of full croc skin . The satchel form makes the bag ideal for easy carrying from day to night. You just simple unzip the bag to release a clutch bag. So, basically, it’s like you’re getting two kinds of bag for the price of one.  It’s pretty genius, isn’t it? It makes it easier to decide on the purchase and with this, the Willow is expected to sellout like the Alexa, in fact, maybe even better.

So, what do you think of the Willow?

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