Louis Vuitton’s Tribute Patchwork

Who remembers this handbag?

Sometime in 2007, this bag had been the talk of the town because not only did this come with a price tag that was worth more than a luxury car, it also was released in limited quantities…which means, only the filthy rich really got to afford it.

The Tribute Patchwork featured 14 cut up Louis Vuitton handbags which have been sewn together to form one big tote bag. Only five people in America are supposed to own this bag, including super celebrity Beyonce Knowles, while a total of 24 people actually own it.

Their identities, to this day, remain undisclosed.

When one of the Tribute Patchwork bags was auctioned off in New York, its price went up to $64,800, coming only second to a Chanel handbag which came with diamonds.

This is truly a bag that shows status symbol and it’s estimated that the Tribute Patchwork is now worth more than its original price of $52,000.

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