Louis Vuitton’s Noefull MM

Louis Vuitton is truly the leader in innovation. Every season, it keeps finding ways to add new twists to their various classic offerings, particularly with the logo handbags. This time, they have incorporated the designs of their very popular and very in demand piece, the Neverfull, and came up with this variation.

Called the Noefull MM, this handbag is featured with floral prints that works perfectly for this season. But there’s something that’s still so distinct about it, with the logo still clearly printed on the design.

What’s more, Louis Vuitton also released this with the drawstring closure, which looks more casual and fun to match with summer and beach wear than the basic Neverfull.

We love what Louis Vuitton has done with this one, as it presents a prettier, trendier and younger option. This collection even comes with the blue floral/ikat prints and it also has a different vibe to it.

You can look into the specifics at Louis Vuitton. 


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