Handbag Insurance: Would You Consider This?

A bank in France is offering women a special kind of  handbag insurance for $250. Societe General, which is considered one of France’s biggest banks, is willing to pay their card holders the amount of $250 in case their insured handbags are snatched or lost.

The card is called the “Pour Elle”, which translates to “for her”, and along with the insurance from theft, card holders can also avail of the services of locksmiths, electricians and other handymen, as women continue to “adhere to their femininity.”

That last statement has put the bank in hot water with feminist groups especially, because of its sexist remarks. According to one French woman, the insurance card seemed to suggests women do not know how to deal with emergencies and crises.

But Societe General insists there is nothing sexist and discriminatory about their offer. The cost of designer handbags is unimaginably so expensive that buying insurance for it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. The bank also said that, in fact, a small percentage of their insurance card holders are men.

Still, others are saying, buying insurance for the bag could be a practical and personal choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how the bank “sells” the insurance that is actually the problem.

Would you even consider getting your handbags insured?

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